Vinho verde branco alvarinho Anselmo Mendes Curtimenta White 2017

Anselmo Mendes Curtimenta White 2017

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White wine made from grapes of Alvarinho variety produced exclusively in Monção and Melgaço. The vines are more than 12 years old and have low production with high levels of acidity and good maturation. A wine made “the old way” with fermentation on skins, with more colour and more tannins. It intends to get the maximum potential from the Alvarinho variety.

Tasting Notes:
Very complex nose, with intense floral aromas, along with a spicy / wood (slight vanilla) and mineral (wet stone) touch. On the palate, slight herbaceous typical of the variety. Large mouth structure with a very fresh acidity. Engaging end.

Alcohol      13 %
Volume  750 ml