Vinho Blandy's 5 Years Reserva Madeira

Blandy's 5 Years Reserva Madeira

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This wine was first born as the Alvada before developing into Blandy’s 5 year old Reserva in 2018. At the time, it was unique within The Madeira wine trade as the first blended wine using two of the island’s tradicional white varietals – 50% Malmsey and 50% Bual.
The result was a wine that incorporated the luscious, silky, honey suckle Malmsey with the tropical fruit and spiciness of Bual.

Tasting Notes:
Lovely golden-chestnut colour with a fine golden rim. Characteristic and classic Madeira bouquet of dried fruits, toffee and hints of oak and spices. Sweet, very rich, smooth and full-bodied, balanced by a very fine acidity. A long aftertaste with notes of honey and spicy oak.

Alcohol     19 %
Volume  500 ml

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