Vinho Blandy's Sercial 10 Years Old Madeira

Blandy's Sercial 10 Years Old Madeira

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The Blandy’s are unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811.

Sercial probably originates from Bucelas near Lisboa, where it was traditionally grown under the name Esgana Cao, which literally means dog strangler, hinting at the fierce acidity of the wines. The family work with 30 Sercial farmers who account for the majority of the fruit grown on the island. Found either at 600 metres above sea level on the south of the island at Jardim da Serra, or at sea level on the north at Sexial and Porto Moniz.

Blandy's 10 year old Sercial is fined and does not require decanting. It has been bottled ready for drinking and will keep for several months after opening.

Tasting Notes:
“Dry, bitter almonds. Lovely balancing acidity and hazelnuts on the finish, which is long and satisfying.” (IWSC)

Alcohol     19 %
Volume  500 ml