Rum Havana Club 3 anos

Rum Havana Club 3 Años

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Havana Club 3 Años’s unique character comes from a minimum of at least three years of natural ageing in oak barrels. As this rum slowly matures in the tropical Cuban climate it acquires its pale yellow colour and distinctive oaky notes, which combine with fresh fruit flavours and a hint of molasses from the rich Cuban sugar cane.

Havana Club 3 Años has a light, straw colour that reveals its age: every single drop has aged for a minimum of three years. The nose is a full bouquet of smooth aromas, with hints of oak, molasses and sugar cane. The taste is well-balanced and complex: a sweet, mild, fruity flavour with a light hint of citrus.

Freshness from the continuous distillation of sugar molasses and character from ageing: a winning combination.

Alcohol     40 %
Volume  700 ml

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