Tequila Olmeca Gold Oro

Tequila Olmeca Gold

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Olmeca Gold Blended by Jesús Hernandez with a unique mix of young and aged tequilas. Aged in ex bourbon casks for at least 5 months, it bring energy to every night that dares to claim itself golden.

The Olmeca Gold looks nothing like the average tequila. True to its name, this drink looks like liquid gold. Give this drink a spin and shimmering glimmers, almost like glitter, will appear.
The presence of agave is clear from the first smell. As a mixto tequila, it is not 100% agave but instead has other sugars added. Some other scents hidden away in the bottle include banana, squash, lime, and pepper.
The smell gives away the taste profile. Each sip is filled with flavours of agave, squash, and banana. The added sugar and spices add a tinge of sweetness and pepperiness as well. The drink burns the mouth and throat as it goes down. The harshness of the tequila can be cut when used in mixed drinks rather than taken as a shot.

Alcohol     38 %
Volume  700 ml

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